7 Trends In Party Rentals For 2018

7 Trends In Party Rentals For 2018

Trends come and go in party rentals. Whether you are a party planner or an event rental company, knowing the current trends in décor and having the proper event rentals available is essential to your business. Moreover, tastes change, quickly, and summer 2018 is no different. From tables and chairs, linens and lighting to fashionable flatware, here’s seven trends you need to know to stay in the know on party rental trends for Summer 2018.

Trend #1: Rose Gold Flatware, Chargers, and Accents

If ever there were a prevailing tendency in flatware color, rose gold is it. But the inclination isn’t limited to flatware; the accents and chargers are getting rosy, too. Perhaps colored gold alloys are on-trend because rose gold is considered “more romantic” by some because of its pink hue or maybe it is because the copper added makes the metal more durable (and cheap to add to the metal mix). Whatever the reason, party planners and their clients cannot get enough of this gold-copper alloy. From the Pacific Northwest to the Rocky Mountains, the Jersey Shore or the Deep South rose gold flatware is popping up at parties across the country. However, contrast is key when using rose gold. One blogger encourages party planners to mix the rosy-copper metallic tones with a cool element for a “magic” effect.

Trend #2: Rustic Look

Rustic style for event décor has been on-trend now for a couple of years, and it appears as if this summer will be no different (Although a modern look has been showing up in more venues, too. More on that later). Creating environments that reflect the beauty of natural surroundings is a classic theme party planners and their clients appreciate. Two words people who favor rustic décor can’t get enough of are “repurposed” and “reclaimed.” Per specialevents.com, one Texas event company described the rustic look as “still as hot as a Texas summer day.”Farm tables and benches as opposed to more traditional tables and chairs continue to be party planner favorites. Whether you invest in pine tables that do not require linens or tuck greenery throughout the event décor, going rustic will delight partygoers all over the world.

Trend #3: Lighting

From Chandeliers to unique lighting effects, party rental companies are getting into lighting at events more than ever. Event décor is embracing the light with specialty lighting experiencing an uptick in party planning preferences as well as illuminated bars. These effects contribute to another overarching trend of branding and presenting a unique event experience embraced by an increasing number of corporate and private event planners.

Trend #4: Wine-Country Style

The Wine-Country look is a still a favorite for events this summer. With its origins found on the West Coast, the Wine-Country look has been popping up all over the country, including venues thousands of miles away in Illinois. Elements of the look include repurposed wine barrels and vintage bars mixed with other styles of décor, which can consist of modern and industrial style tables and chairs. Some other treatments to reflect a Wine-Country Style for your event décor can be vineyard cabanas with warm drapery treatments, especially when mixed with many of the other elements event rental companies include for the popular rustic style.

Trend #5: Full-Service Party Planning from Party Rental Companies

The general movement in all business industries today is toward full-service customer experiences, and it is no different for the event and party rentals industries. The larger party rental firms are seeing more demand for a comprehensive role in the event design and execution of events, particularly in competitive markets. Some venues wish to look at CAD layouts of the event site, complete with original artwork. Moreover, the individual experience at the event is a significant concern for party planners, and they continue to expand their expectations from the party rental vendors they employ. Many event rentals companies have been exploring ways to work smarter for their clients and have renewed their efforts to recruit top talent to provide top-notch experiences for everyone involved.

Trend #6: Chandeliers and Sequin Linens

A return to glamour is developing in some markets. Chandeliers and sequined linens are popular with this set. From coast to coast, all-white modern looks have begun to reappear, as well as gold themes—flatware, bar tops, china—and textured glassware. One blogger, who is tiring of the muted tones popular for the past few years, encourages party planners to go bold with accent colors to “kick things into high gear.” So, while rustic is still a relevant trend, it appears as if a glitz and glamour could be one to watch over the coming months.

Trend #7: Tents Instead of Brick and Mortar Locations

Many big event rentals firms have invested in more tents than in the past. More of their clients are shunning the brick and mortar venues and creating their own. One event planner in the UK expects to see more non-traditional venues in the corporate event space, in particular, because “…booking a hotel of conference centre is no longer enough.” Combined with full-color graphics and customized party décor, tents allow clients to build their event from the ground up, quite literally, often with wide plank flooring and clear-topped roofs. However, it is crucial that party planners and event rental companies alike stay mindful of the safety concerns tents present, as well as proper tent ballasting techniques to stay in compliance with local regulations.

Those are seven of the latest trends in party rentals for Summer 2018. The list is not comprehensive; after all, we did not even touch on table toppers or food and drink trends. Party planners everywhere agree, regardless of the style, the best events focus on the experience of the individual. Rustic table and chairs vs. high glamour, rose-gold vs. traditional flatware, tents vs. brick and mortar venues are event rentals that will go in or out of fashion. However, taking care of the guests and your clients is a trend that will never go out of style. 

18th May 2018 Terri Lively

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